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The following application criteria has been established as the policies for Hansen Property Management & Services L.L.C. at the Green Bay Meadows apartment complex by which ALL applicants will be accepted or rejected for residency.  No person(s) will be denied residency based on membership in any protected class,according to local, state, and fair housing laws.

• APPLICATION: A Drivers License, Passport, or photo ID card is required (a copy will be made and attached to the application). All information must be provided on the application; any falsification of the information shall be grounds for rejection. The application must be completed in full. NOTE: Anyone over the age of 18 must complete a separate application and each must pass the application criteria or all members of the party will be denied.

• HOUSING HISTORY: A good past housing history with a minimum of 2 years will be required on the application. (Home mortgage payment history is acceptable in absence of rental history).  A history of eviction or attempted eviction by a Landlord can be cause for denial. Past housing reference(s) shall include:
          a. Record of timely payment of rent or mortgage
          b. Record of abiding by Landlords or house rules
          c. Record of not disturbing other residents
          d. Record of respect for property

• CRIMINAL BACKGROUND: WILL BE CHECKED ON ALL APPLICANTS; No person(s) will be accepted for residency that are on probation or supervision for serious crimes, committed predatroy or sex crimes against any person(s), have been convicted for disturbance of neighbors, violence to persons or crimes against property, drug related crimes, record of conviction for sale, illegal manufacture, or distribution of a controlled substance.possession.

*NOTE: No extended stay visitors will be permitted under the terms of the Lease if their criminal background would have denied them tenancy.  Revelation of a person with a prohibited criminal background residing or staying periodically with a Tenant will be grounds to start the eviction procedure.

• CREDIT REPORT: Any unsatisfied collections with a total amount that exceeds $2500.00 can be grounds to disqualify a perspective Tenant. Bankruptcies can be grounds to disqualify a perspective Tenant.

• APPLICANT(S): Shall not pay more than 40% of their gross verified income (combined) for rent or 30% NET for rent.

• OCCUPANCY: No more than two people shall occupy a one bedroom apartment unit and no more than four persons for a two bedroom apartment. This policy shall be applied consistently to all qualified applicants, regardless of their membership in any protected class. This policy has been formulated on the criteria of the amount of space in the unit, the number in addtion to the size of the bedrooms, the overall size of the property, available parking space, and local zoning ordinances.

• PETS: No dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, mammals, are permitted. Violation of the lease provisions regarding pets are grounds for immediate eviction.

• PAYMENT: The Model Office does not accept payment of rents for Hansen Property Management & Services L.L.C. All payments can be made by using the Rental Drop Box located at the Southwest comer of the Model building, by mail, by check, money order, or cashiers, check. Payment for your rental unit is mailed to: Hansen Property Management & Services L.L.C. 5841 Joanne Drive. Suite #107, Racine WI 53406

• PROBLEMS: Any problems with maintenance, lost keys, or of any nature shall be directed to the Model Office during normal business hours 9AM TO 4:30PM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Contact the Model Office by phone at (262) 634-2689, persons calling after hours or for an emergency will receive specific instructions. You may come to the Model Office during our normal business hours at 5841 Joanne Drive, Racine, Wisconsin in person with problems or maintenance requests.